S2 Ep 04 – We were on a break…

S2 Ep 04 – We were on a break…

Well, this was an action-packed episode! The first we recorded after our break, this episode will catch you up on where we went, what we’ve been doing since and catch you up on some of the latest news. It’s a conversation not to be missed if you want to change your mind about who ‘speaks for you’.

What’s new with Samara?

First of all, BIG NEWS, Samara got married! If you follow our Facebook page you’ll see the photo I shared celebrating her big news. If you’re wondering how she went from engaged at Christmas to married in July, it’s all in the episode. You should totally listen to it. Wink wink.

What’s new with Suger?

So what have I been up to? I started a YouTube channel! Yup. As if I didn’t have enough things to do I decided to add shooting, recording, editing and uploading videos while trying to grow a channel to my list. I’m nuts, I know. Haha. It’s been a heck of a learning curve, one I’ve lamented on my blog for months. Find out my motivation for doing it in the episode. Did you listen yet? Wink wink.

News covered this episode;

Husband loves wife – big surprise

Why praise men loving fat women?

Are our standards so low we are celebrating a man loving his wife? 

Man praises curvy wife

Premme launch (Nicolette Mason and Gabi Fresh)

Shop the website {now doing International shipping!}

New Rebel Wilson movie with Liam Hemsworth

Rebel and Liam kiss, naaaaw.

Rebel talks about her new movie



And that’s about it from us this week! We look forward to sharing next week’s episode about how to feel good in photos when you’re struggling with body confidence. It’s going to be a good one! Stay tuned.