S2 Ep 03 – Who dressed the fat girls? Newsworthy.

S2 Ep 03 – Who dressed the fat girls? Newsworthy.

In this episode, we are talking about newsworthy items. In particular the Pitch Perfect 3 costume drama and the reactions to Nike Woman’s plus size range.

And as usual, we get a little annoyed. It just feels like we make ground on one issue. The Nike range, for example. Then it gets overshadowed by the next wave of BS. Like people saying fat women don’t deserve work out clothes! WTAF. If you’re a little tired, we get it. Us too.

But these conversations need to be had. And who else is going to have them if we don’t, right?

Pitch Perfect 3

In this bleated upload, we get into the idea that plus size women are conditioned into hiding their bodies. We are told to shy away from exposing their arms and why that affects us all.┬áSo, if that’s relevant to you, take a listen. If the way that you see your body, as dictated by the media, is something you’re investigating, start here.

Read more about the situation in this Teen Vogue article.

Nike Woman Plus Size

Don’t miss this Mashable article about the launch of the Nike range. But then, just when you think we can have nice things, this happens. Read the article on Revelist aptly title ‘the fat-shamers are mad that Nike made plus size activewear’.

So which is it, right? Do you want fat people to be HEALTHY or not? It seemed so important to you in every comment section ever. Why then is it glorifying obesity (isn’t it always) that Nike would offer clothes for these women to work out in? I don’t get it. I’m sure you don’t either. It’s like it wasn’t about our health at all… Hmmmmm.