Let’s talk plus size spring outfit planning.

Let’s talk plus size spring outfit planning.

In this week’s episode, we are talking about our spring outfit plans, wardrobe additions (and in Suger’s case, subtractions!), what we’re seeing in store and what we have planned for our blogs. This is a short and sweet episode where we talk clothes, compare notes and make some suggestions for what we see coming.

As a Queenslander, I find it hard to draw a line between some of the seasons. My wardrobe is very similar all year round. But that isn’t the case for Samara, based in Canberra, she gets to experience every part of the four seasons. So, as you can imagine, our approaches to spring outfit planning are quite different!

But that won’t stop us from agreeing on what we like, most of the time! Another good week for sound and me laughing at myself but with the added bonus that I laugh for WAY too long at one of the items on Samara’s list… Can you guess which? I think if you read my blog, you’ll be able to.

Samara’s Spring Outfit Plan!

Midi skirts
Long sleeve dresses
Longline vests
Lightweight jackets
Flower crowns

Suger’s Spring Outfit Plan!

More white everything
Denim, the lighter the better or true blue
Continuing the slouchy theme
Anti-fit jeans (new colour!)
Off the shoulder tops and dresses

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