Meet Samara + Suger

Meet Samara + Suger

In our first ever episode we introduce ourselves, our blogs and this podcast. We are focused on having conversations about living life as a plus size woman (kicking ass, just quietly), the things that interest us or grab our attention. It’s the plus side of life, and we can’t wait to share more with you about us, our lives and some tips for living well.

Here’s a pic from the second ProBlogger that we mentioned, it perfectly demonstrates, I think, the fun times being had at the bar, how impossible it really can be to photograph me and how ridiculously tall I am compared to Samara… Haha. I mean look at her, nailed it in both and I’m a nutter. My bad.

SUGER+INK podcast

I’m writing this, having a bit of a laugh because the double oh episode, as we are calling it, was recorded while I was sick, with no microphone other than my laptop mic. Samara was waaaay more prepared. I was dying of the plague. I’m glad we just went ahead and did it, these things are better done┬áthan perfect. So welcome!

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Skip ahead to the first official episode where we discuss “Body Love” and start to get a feel for what we are here to talk about. Exciting times ahead, and as always if you have a question or a comment email us at hello (at) or tweet us @sugercoatit / @blondeinkAUS. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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