Let’s talk relationships!

Let’s talk relationships!

The first, of what I’m sure will be many, podcasts on relationships (and dating!) to come, in this episode we talked about our relationships, how we maintain them and all the fun time stories; how we met our partners, when we moved in together, why we even like them and all that jazz.

Because, hello, getting the goss on other people’s relationships is THE MOST FUN.

So join us as we laugh our way through this walk down memory lane, get a little serious about what it takes to make a relationship work and Samara lets us in on a secret that keeps her relationship on track. Phew. That was a big sentence, but there was so much to fit in! Warranted.

Photos of both pairs of just us two!

team suger - kelvin and melissa - suger and ink podcast
Suger & Mr Suger (Kel)
Jack and Samara - Suger and Ink Podcast
Jake & Samara

Links we love, ooooooo loooooove.

Just being happy! by Samara

11 years married, what I know so far by Suger

A surprising conversation by Suger

An article about couples drinking together, one of many! by The Independent

The sound quality still has a bit of an echo this week guys but not as bad as the week prior. We are learning a lot and expect to have a handle on it shortly. I’ve even purchased a new microphone and built myself a mattress fort to record in. I’m entirely committed to making this work. Hang in, plenty more fun times ahead.

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