We’re back! Season Two, here we go.

We’re back! Season Two, here we go.

Well hey, and welcome back to Season Two of SUGER INK! Our summer break went a little longer than planned, but boy did we bring it back with a bumper episode. Bumper in that it’s almost 50 minutes long and bumper in that we covered A LOT of topics, and I did a reasonable amount of ranting. As usual.

We’ve covered off on our breaks, the summer this year (spoiler: horrible), and new developments for us each personally. What it’s like to be a plus woman online, why we need to be more visible, the impacts of that and some good news stories for new ranges launched since the December podcast plus all the usual banter! Phew. Bumper, right? I told you so.

On our blogs

Check out our most recent blog posts, and Samara’s first one back! Mine is about body image, body positive, diverse women type podcasts I love (and I’m sure you will too), and Samara’s is about hitting the reset button, taking time out and giving us an update on life for her. I loved this post (and I’m sure you will too, haha).

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Samara: Hitting Reset on Life

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