About the SUGER + INK Podcast

Want to know a little more about the SUGER + INK podcast?

Well, Samara was a big podcast listener. Suger… Not so much. One thing that was missing from the podcast world was one about plus size women. So when something is missing why not create it for yourself! And that was exactly what we did. Go us.

This podcast is for all the plus size women out there. The ones who want to see more plus size women in magazines, on TV, plain old everywhere. Because it’s about the representation of all bodies and about being seen in a world where perfection is celebrated above all else.

The SUGER + INK podcast is for women who want to discuss love, laughter, fashion, lifestyle and everything in between. We want to hang out and chat just like we would if we were catching up over wine on a Friday night. And let’s face it, that will probably happen at least once.

This podcast is for you!

Join us each week as we talk about a range of topics from the F-word (fuck AND fat, for those playing at home), places we like to shop, exercise as a plus size babe, relationships, new topics, and more. No topics will be off limits. You’ll hear from two curvy ladies with real opinions about living life plus size. And if we don’t manage to embarrass our partners, friends, and family before we are done, then we aren’t trying hard enough.


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p.s. If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to talk about email us at hello(a)sugerandink.com we’d love to hear from you.